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Diesel Conditioner 300ml

Engineered specifically to clean diesel injectors and fuel systems, Wilita Diesel Conditioner CR improves flow during cold weather to reduce fuel filter plugging and fuel gelling while eliminating water. Diesel Conditioner CR disperses gum and varnish, avoids corrosion and retards oxidization.

Dry Synthetic Lube 450ml

  • Highly resistant to centrifugal force containing PTFE.
  • Lubrication of hard - to - reach places.
  • Good emergency running property and thermal stability.
  • Compatible with plastics.
  • Behaves naturally towards painted surfaces.
  • Splash and salt water resistant, withstand weak acids and alkaline solutions.
  • Low dirt adhesion.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.

Engine Flush 3.78ltr

Engineered to dissolve sludge and clean engines without harming catalytic converter, Wilita Engine Flush improves circulation, frees sticky valves and lifters and dissolves power-robbing deposits. Recommended for every oil change.

Engine Flush and Cleaner 300ml

Engineered to make the engine can run smooth and regain its horsepower, and protect the engine from damage and ensure proper lubrication. It can reach every corner of the engine and clean the carbon and gum accumulated inside the engine.

Exhaust System Cleaner

Engineered to remove carbon and residue in intake, manifold fuel injector, combustion and exhaust.

Foaming Choke and Carb Cleaner 600ml

Engineered to safely remove sludge and other contaminants, such as gums, acids, and varnish from the intake system, upper cylinders, crankcase, oil lines linkage, oil pump screen, and oil return ports without harming engine parts, oxygen sensor or catalytic converters.

Foaming Engine Degreaser 600ml

Engineered with two active ingredients mixable with both oil and water to pull dirt, oil, grime and grease off the treated surface, Wilita Foaming Engine Degreaser cleans the engine surface and other grease accumulated areas with “clean hand” and environmentally responsible formulation.

Frameless Windshield Wiper

Wilita WINDSHIELD WIPER Features: * Aero dynamic design to reduce air resistance for smooth and efficient usage. * Graphite coated rubber. * Easy to installation. * Suitable for all weather.

Fuel Injector Cleaner 500ml (FSC)

Engineered to clean carbon build-up accumulated in oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, cylinder heads and intake valves to enhance engine performance, restores power, performance and drivability. WILITA Gasoline System Cleaner can effectively fix drivability issues such as engine performance reduction, hesitation, cold start, rough idling, stalling, engine knocking and pinging which caused by the accumulation of carbon residue.

Gasoline Conditioner 300ml

Engineered to clean the gasoline fuel system, Wilita Gasoline Conditioner helps to reduce fuel gelling, disperse gum and varnish, fight corrosion and retard oxidation for better economy and environment. Can be added to all gasoline engines to great advantage.

Glass Cleaner 500ml

Engineered with specialized for windshield glass clean. Removes dirt and soil easily. Wilita Glass Cleaner will not affect painted surfaces. Glass Cleaner is formulated specifically for your car, to tackle the toughest automotive jobs without damaging automotive surfaces.