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AD Blue 3.78ltrs

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Cyber Speed Oil Treatment 300ml

Engineered with Ecolube Technology, Wilita Cyber Speed Oil Treatment enables micron-sized particles to penetrate into the tightest clearances between metal sliding parts. Once there, the particles are mechanically dispersed to all metal surface and form a super- slippery protective boundary layer.

Diesel Conditioner 300ml

Engineered specifically to clean diesel injectors and fuel systems, Wilita Diesel Conditioner CR improves flow during cold weather to reduce fuel filter plugging and fuel gelling while eliminating water. Diesel Conditioner CR disperses gum and varnish, avoids corrosion and retards oxidization.

Gasoline Conditioner 300ml

Engineered to clean the gasoline fuel system, Wilita Gasoline Conditioner helps to reduce fuel gelling, disperse gum and varnish, fight corrosion and retard oxidation for better economy and environment. Can be added to all gasoline engines to great advantage.

Nano Speed Molybdenum Oil Additive 300ml

Engineered with Wilita’s latest Ecolube Technology, Nano Speed Molybdenum Oil Additive forms a superior lubricating boundary layer between vital engine parts by enabling nano-scaled organic Molybdenum compound particles to penetrate into the tightest clearances between metal surfaces. Unlike competitors, the product will not deposit in the crankcase or other engine parts after heavy-duty operation.

Oil Leakage Stop 300ml

Engineered with Wilita latest Ecolube Technology, Oil Leakage Stop can stop and prevent the engine oil and power steering leaks effectively. It also improves the viscosity of the motor oil and reduces the engine noise.