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Glass Cleaner 500ml

Engineered with specialized for windshield glass clean. Removes dirt and soil easily. Wilita Glass Cleaner will not affect painted surfaces. Glass Cleaner is formulated specifically for your car, to tackle the toughest automotive jobs without damaging automotive surfaces.

Multi Purpose Cleaner 300ml

Engineered for general cleaning of upholstery, woodwork and painted metal surface. The solvent will not harm the surfaces. It can clean sticker residue, grease residue, gum residue, etc. You can also use the product to clean dust and dirt on the surface of furniture. It is not limited for car care but also be used for General Cleaning.

Penetrant and Lubricant 600ml

Engineered to loosen rust and corrosion almost instantly, Wilita Penetrant & Lubricant is a unique blend of fast-acting, super-penetrating solvents that evaporate, leaving a thin transparent protective film. It penetrates quickly into cracks, crevices, and threads, freeing rusted and frozen bots. Nuts, assemblies and other fasteners. Annoying squeaks are silenced by this friction-reducing lubricant. Wilita Penetrant & Lubricant cleans as it protects all metals from rust and corrosion. Grease, tar, oil, adhesives, and grime are easily removed from most surfaces. Features:
  • Penetrates- loosens- lubricates.
  • Protects metal parts from rust and corrosion.
  • Dries wet ignitions.
  • Preserves battery terminals from corrosion.
  • Protects tools, equipment, and machinery from rust.
  • Displaces moisture from any surface.
  • Frees frozen nuts, bolts, fittings in all types of assemblies.
  • Longer lasting action.
  • The formula is environmentally friendly, can be used indoors.
  • Temperature range: -20°C ~ 180°C (356°F).

Quick Shine 500ML

WILITA Quick Shine Application: Nano-molecular formula acts as a water repellent. Prevents dust and oil residue protecting the painted surfaces.

Rust Off Plus 300ml

Engineered to optimal creep properties guarantee outstanding penetration and removal of rust. Wilita Rust off plus is a optimal corrosion protection additives. Contains liquid, highly effective molybdenum compound OMC2.

Silicone Lubricant 600ml

WILITA Silicone Lubricant is specially formulated to provide superior all purpose lubrication and protection for rubber and plastic parts. Prolongs life, prevents squeaks and lubricates. Performs excellently in lubricating the rubber parts of car window without leaving grease and stains.

Super Grease 600ml

Engineered with synthetic fluids, lithium base compound and exclusive heavy-duty micro additives, Wilita Super Grease offers excellent adhesion and protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion for all metal parts, it will not run or dip, and is resistant to high temperature up to 180°C (356°F).

Upholstery Cleaner 600ml

Engineered as a foaming cleaner with fantastic versatility, Wilita Upholstery Cleaner contains a carefully balanced blend of surface active ingredients and deodorizing agents to “deep clean” quickly and safely.

Upholstery Shine 600ml

Engineered for protecting a non-sticky, upholstery glossy finish. Suitable for vinyl, plastics, leather, rubber and wood. Retards surface cracking and dulling. The product is water repellent. Excellent lubricant and shiny properties. Simply spray and wipe by using clean cloth. Self-shining, no buffing required. Totally non-toxic. The product is safe. It is in accordance with environmental safety regulations.