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Glass Cleaner 500ml

Engineered with specialized for windshield glass clean. Removes dirt and soil easily. Wilita Glass Cleaner will not affect painted surfaces. Glass Cleaner is formulated specifically for your car, to tackle the toughest automotive jobs without damaging automotive surfaces.

Leather Care Cream 500ml

Engineered with premium quality in mind, Wilita Leather Care Cream is a carefully balanced blend to clean, nourish and protect. The unique formula removes light stains and grime, replenishes loss of essential oil and preservatives to avoid cracking and deterioration. Can also protect vinyl, rubber, plastic and finished wood surfaces against fading, cracking, drying, deterioration and oxidization caused by exposure to the sunlight. Provides long-lasting protection.

Quick Shine 500ML

WILITA Quick Shine Application: Nano-molecular formula acts as a water repellent. Prevents dust and oil residue protecting the painted surfaces.

Upholstery Cleaner 600ml

Engineered as a foaming cleaner with fantastic versatility, Wilita Upholstery Cleaner contains a carefully balanced blend of surface active ingredients and deodorizing agents to “deep clean” quickly and safely.

Upholstery Shine 600ml

Engineered for protecting a non-sticky, upholstery glossy finish. Suitable for vinyl, plastics, leather, rubber and wood. Retards surface cracking and dulling. The product is water repellent. Excellent lubricant and shiny properties. Simply spray and wipe by using clean cloth. Self-shining, no buffing required. Totally non-toxic. The product is safe. It is in accordance with environmental safety regulations.