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Air Conditioner Cleaner 300ml

Engineered with special formula cleaner for cleaning and disinfection of vehicle air conditioning systems. Residue, bacterial and fouling make air conditioner efficiency less. Wilita Air Conditioner can effectively remove the residue, fouling and bacterial.

Air Conditioner Disinfectant 300ml

Engineered with specialized formula for subtropical climate which is moist and breeds bacteria easily. Wilita Air- conditioner Disinfectant can inhibit bacterial breeding effectively and remove odor instantly. Keep air clean and fresh inside the vehicle.

R134A Oil Charge 100ml

Engineered with latest Ecolube Technology, the product is a carefully balanced mixture of Coolant R134a, refrigerant additives. It can be used to reduce air conditioner temperature, extend the life span of air conditioner compressors, and reduce compressor noise.